September 2015
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Conversations to Engage, Develop, and Challenge

Conversations Bubble

Talk is cheap ... or so the saying goes. But when it comes to what matters most to employees today, talk is one of the most valued commodities organizations have to offer.

In a recent survey by Career Systems International, a vast majority of Human Resource and Talent Management professionals said career development conversations are the types of conversations employees most want to have with their manager. On the flip side, these same professionals report they are not happening. What is? Conversations about daily operations and tasks.

And while every employee needs to know the “what and how of their job today,” they are thinking about a whole lot more. Can I see my future in your future? Do I really like it here? What’s next for me? The simple truth? Talk is exactly what employees want... we’re just not giving it or giving the kind they want. Conversations to engage, develop and challenge employees are the bedrock of strong relationships between employees and managers. These conversations can and do create an environment where employees feel respected and heard. Continue Reading.

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Why Talk When You Can Text?

With the emergence of e-mail, Twitter, smart phones, Instant Messaging, and countless other technology-based communication devices, making eye contact and saying hello in the workplace is becoming folklore for workplace blogs. Years from now, archeologists may write an article about how and when the art of a one-on-one conversation became obsolete. True, these advancements may make it easier to communicate faster and with more people at once, but it doesn’t always make it better, and it isn’t necessarily helping leaders engage and retain their employees. Continue Reading.

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Virtual Workshops for Virtually Everyone

We're offering a series of virtual experiences designed to encourage conversations to engage develop, and challenge yourself and others inside your organization. Here's an opportunity for you and your team to experience our workshops at minimal cost and see how they might work within your organization. All of these workshops can be delivered in-house, as well. 

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Did You Know?

The best way to keep employee engagement and career development top of mind in your organization is to provide meaningful and powerful resources that help advance the types of conversations employees most want to have at work. Learn more about our resources that are accessible anytime and anywhere for your employees and managers.

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Upcoming Events

Sept 23, Webcast sponsored by
Conversations to Develop and Engage

Oct 13, Virtual Workshop
CareerPower Classic for Managers

Oct 15, Virtual Workshop
CareerPower Classic

Oct 20, Virtual Workshop
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

Oct 21-23, Engagement Institute 2015 Fall Summit, Conference Board
Love 'Em or Lose 'Em PreConference Seminar, Alexandria, VA

Oct 27, Webinar sponsored by Training Magazine
Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss

Oct 29, Webcast sponsored by Terryberry
Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay

Nov 1-4, Learning 2015 Conference
Learning 2015, Orlando, FL

Nov 5-6, Succession Management Conference, Conference Board
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go session, New York, NY

Nov 10, Virtual Workshop
Feedback is a Gift

Nov 17, Virtual Workshop
The Brand Called You

Nov 24, Virtual Workshop
Strategic Networking


Tip of the Month

Become a better listener by following the blinking words in a conversation. Identify the words that stand out (blink) and then ask a follow-up question to learn more. It’s impossible to “tune out” when you are “tuned in” for the blinking words.



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Tell the career development story inside your organization with three powerful videos on the role of employees and managers, and career growth inside organizations today. The videos are part of our GROWhere™ portal or available as stand-alone resources for use inside your own organization. 



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"Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go made me think in a different way about approaching career development conversations and I can’t wait to start using the skills.”
Information Technology Manager

"Hello Stay Interviews gave me the uncomplicated steps I need to handle the tough questions."
Professional Services Manager



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