June 2016
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Building an Inclusive and Engaged Workforce

Diversity and inclusion. What does it mean? The definition varies greatly and provokes strong emotional responses for some. Cedric Herring at the University of Chicago says “Generally, “diversity” refers to policies and practices that seek to include people who are considered, in some way, different from traditional members. More centrally, diversity aims to create an inclusive culture that values and uses the talents of all would-be members.”

Inclusive cultures leverage every employee’s passion, commitment, skills, and experiences. They are engaged workers bringing their discretionary efforts to the company. Unless we learn to celebrate the diversity within our teams, business results will suffer. We all want to be listened to, appreciated, and recognized for our efforts. But how do we do this?

First, diversity and inclusion needs to be part of the business strategy and woven into the fabric of the organization. Companies that recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion as a business strategy will have strong executive commitment from the C-suite. The commitment will be visual and authentic, much like a leader who wants to retain top talent. This is not easy to do but those companies who are successful with it will have a positive impact on their bottom lines.

Second, a partnership and support system must be developed between the true stakeholders: the organization, the manager, and the employee. Each stakeholder has a specific role to play to support an inclusive culture. The organization provides the models and processes – the systems. The manager provides the support through tools, skills, and coaching to success. The employee provides the spark by creating an environment that is talent-focused, that values, develops, and engages. This shared responsibility is critical to success.

Third, curious leaders who are committed to diversity and inclusion know how vital it is to explore (1) the capacities, talents and skills that employees enjoy using, (2) the experiences that shaped and continue to shape their thinking, (3) the past accomplishments that affect future potential, (4) the aspirations they hold, and (5) the barriers that might stop them cold. All of these topics become the basis of ongoing curious dialogue between leaders and employees. These dialogues help to advance organizational results.

Interested in learning more? Join us on a webinar June 14 where Lynn Cowart, Vice President, CSI Quality Delivery will be discussing Strategies for Building an Inclusive and Engaged Workforce.  Register here.

Register here

Simple, Cost-Effective Way to Take Employee Engagement to Busy Managers

The book is an international best-seller. The learning solution is an award-winner. And now, the renowned employee engagement and retention workshop for managers just got better!

Career Systems International is proud to announce an
innovative learning experience based on the best-selling book and award-winning solution, Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay. The newest offering from CSI was designed to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners by offering a blended experience, with interactive and electronically delivered materials for a self-directed and facilitator-led classroom experience.

Love 'Em can now be delivered to managers around the globe using an electronic file that contains all the materials necessary for three stages of an enhanced learning experience ... upfront exploration and assessments; a two-hour live or virtual experience to strengthen managers' competence and confidence as they share and apply the key learnings; and resources to sustain the learning long after the experience is done.

If employee engagement and retention is a critical issue inside your business today and you want a simple, cost-effective way to reach your managers in a globally dispersed, time-strapped workplace, the newest Love 'Em is for you. Organizations who use our Love 'Em approach have realized up to a 71% increase in their overall employee satisfaction. And, even if you are already using Love 'Em, you've never seen it like this before.

Contact us now to learn more about how you can reach all your managers with an experience designed to help them learn, share and do all the right things to engage their talented workforce.


Did You Know?

Honoring others and treating them with dignity and respect may mean managing your sloppy moods. While it's human to have ups and downs, it is grown-up to manage those moods so they don't hurt others. If you are guilty of sloppy moods, take notice and take control. And if you "slop all over someone," be sure to apologize.  


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Tip of the Month


You cannot respect and honor others unless you respect - even celebrate - the differences between people. To learn about the differences among your employees, conduct a "Discovery Day." Encourage your team to talk about themselves, how they grew up, the holidays they observe, and why. Then find a way to celebrate those differences at work.



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“The interactive PDF is really amazing and such an innovative way to do eLearning with the videos and the games. I really like the online interactive assessments as well. The virtual synchronous piece had some great interactions and good use of virtual technology in chats and polling.– Learning & Development Professional on the new Love 'Em Blended Solution


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