December 2015
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The Manager as Developer


Today’s business world is characterized by globalization, increasing competition, an ever-accelerating pace of change, an overabundance of information, a never-ending technology revolution, a growing number of mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, and an increasing specialized talent pool. In this chaotic world, a business can only survive if it can attract the “best and the brightest” to its workforce. It can only thrive if it continues to grow and develop, while retaining, the talents of its workforce.

When studies are conducted to find out what employees value in a job, career (opportunities and development) always appears among the top three, typically before the expected answers of pay and benefits.

Career Systems International's research in career development has shown that managers can create a development environment and in doing so, make a huge impact in retaining and engaging their talent. What employees really want is a relationship with their managers, whereby they can have open, honest, two-way conversations about their abilities, interests, and options. They want managers to listen to their perspectives, offer their points of view, and provide encouragement. Continue Reading.

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Client Success Story

“Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em® is a fully integrated part of our “Unleash Talent” cultural belief. Every new manager who joins our organization goes through the program during orientation and our engagement scores continue to average at least six points higher than our market peer group. I credit Love ‘Em orLose ‘Em® for helping us to sustain this high record even during the recent economic downturn when money was tight and raises were hard to come by.” CEO, Morrison Healthcare - Tim Pierce

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Virtual Workshops for Virtually Everyone

We're offering a series of virtual experiences designed to encourage conversations to engage, retain, develop, and challenge yourself and others inside your organization. Here's an opportunity for you and your team to experience our workshops at minimal cost and see how they might work within your organization. All of these workshops can be delivered in-house, as well. 

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Did You Know?

Employees want conversations about their careers. What are they getting at work? Conversations about their performance and day-to-day activities. Download Career Systems International’s latest information graphic to see the data on conversations employees want versus the conversations they get.

Conversations Employees Want


One Question Pulse Survey

Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni are working on an article for Talent Management Magazine and would like your feedback on one quick question: Rate your manager's interest in your career development.


Upcoming Events

January 13, Career Coaches Special Interest Group, Coach U
An Interview with Beverly Kaye, No registration required. 9 - 10 AM Pacific, Dial: 1-425-440-5100, Guest Pin Code: 093980#

January 13, Webinar
Conversations to Engage, Retain, Develop, and Challenge

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February 9, Virtual Workshop
Owning Career Satisfaction

February 16, Virtual Workshop
Hello Stay Interviews

February 24, Virtual Workshop
Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

March 8, Virtual Workshop
CareerPower Classic

March 17, Virtual Workshop
CareerPower Classic for Managers

March 22, Virtual Workshop
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

March 29, Conference
the FORUM on Workplace Inclusion


Tip of the Month

Give the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season – your time! Carve out 15 minutes a week from your schedule and ask one of your employees, “What makes you stay” and “What might make you leave?” It’s called a Stay Interview and it’s one of the most powerful tools in the busy manager’s arsenal to help drive positive engagement in the work place. Listen to the answer and find a way to build in more of what makes them stay and minimize what might make them leave.


What Others Are Saying

"Help Them Grow makes it simple and takes the fear out of having conversations. I'm looking forward to making career conversations a habit.”
Aerospace Engineer

"CareerPower® gave me insights into knowing myself better and how to plan for my career path."
Financial Services Professional



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