Issue 3 - July 2014
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Developing Talent --- One Conversation at a Time
by Lindy Williams

This article is based on concepts from the book, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go, by Dr. Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle-Giulioni.

Regardless of the economic climate, the unemployment rate or the dozens of other workplace challenges, face it – your best and brightest – your most talented employees – always have options!

And if they don’t see a future with you they will walk away…or, perhaps even worse, they will stay but disengage.

The good news however is that development can keep talent engaged and committed and growing. And when they grow…your business grows!

But how do managers do it? With everything else a manager has to do every day how can he
or she possibly afford the time to develop people? The simple answer is, if you want the business to grow, if you want your team to succeed, if you want to meet and exceed your goals, you can’t afford not to develop your people.  

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Tip of the Month

Our greatest skills are often embedded on our accomplishments. Discover your skills by being a STAR. Assess your most recent accomplishment and define all the Skills that were required, identify the Tasks that you completed, record the Actions you took; and define the Results. Once you know, leverage what you learn to tell your STAR story to others.

In the News 

CSI was named one of the Top 15 in the 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards. 

Successful and satisfied people have one thing in common – PEP! Read the June 2014 Workforce article Pep Buoys by Beverly Crowell and Beverly Kaye to learn more.

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CSI is proud to partner with the Linkage for the 2014 Women in Leadership Institute™ Nov. 3-6, 2014, in Anaheim, CA. For more information, click here

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About CSI

Career Systems International improves the business performance of its clients and the lives of all employees who seek to maximize their personal and professional potential. We unleash Impassioned Employment by providing the best employee engagement, career development and retention solutions on the planet.

What's the Bottom Line - 5 Key "So What's" for Engaging and Retaining Talent?

Join Beverly Crowell, MBA, Executive Vice President, Career Systems Internationl in a webinar on August 14th as she answers the question of "so what" and shares strategies any individual or organization can take to engage their talent and keep them on their team. 

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CSI and LSA Global Announce Distribution Partnership

Career Systems International (CSI) and LSA Global recently announced the signing of a global distribution partnership. LSA Global will be reselling CSI’s innovative career develop-ment and engagement and retention learning solutions, including the award-winning CareerPower® Classic Suite for managers and employees, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay, and SatisfAction Power®, to their target audience.

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Meet the CSI Team

Janis Keeley, Senior Consultant

I have been working with CSI for well over 20 years now. In that time, I have worked with clients as a Senior Consultant, Master Trainer and as an Alliance Partner for CSI in the Pacific Northwest. I have also done a great deal of instructional design work and most recently was part of the team to update the Love 'Em or Lose 'Em learning solution for CSI. I love working with a diverse client base from all over the world and I love that my job has the variety I need to stay engaged. I often have the opportunity to experience the entire client relationship from consulting with the client to presenting a learning solution that best meets their needs; to custom designing if necessary; to facilitating the solution; to training others to bring the solution in-house; and to helping clients find ways to sustain the solution. In addition, I LOVE working with a great team of creative, talented colleagues that help to make my job easy. It's fun to continue to learn from the clients, the participants, and my colleagues.

Upcoming Events

Aug. 14, Virtual Event
What's the Bottom Line - 5 Key "So What's" for Engaging and Retaining Talent, CSI Webinar

Sept. 24, Virtual Event
Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want, HRDQ webinar

Sept. 30, New York, New York
Reinventing the Career Conversation in a Time Starved World, Conference Board

Nov. 3-6, Anaheim, CA
Women in Leadership Institute, Linkage

Nov. 12-14, Chicago, IL
HBA Annual Conference