Issue 5 - November 2014
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More About Stay Interviews
by Beverly Kaye and Sharo
n Jordan-Evans

What you ask and how you respond during a stay interview will determine the outcome of this important interaction.

Charlie set up a meeting with his plant manager, Ken, for Monday morning. After some brief conversation about thweekend activities, Charlie said, “Ken, you are critical to me and to this organization. I’m not sure I’ve told you that directly or often enough. But you are. I can’t imagine losing you. So, I’d like to know what will keep you here. And what might entice you away?

Ken was a bit taken aback—but felt flattered. He thought for a moment and then said, “You know, I aspire to move up in the organization at some point, and I’d love to have some exposure to the senior team. I’d like to see how they operate—and frankly I’d like them to get to know me too.” Charlie responded, “I could take you with me to some senior staff meetings. Would that be a start?” Ken said, “That would be great.”

Charlie delivered on Ken’s request one week later.

What If You Can’t Give What They Want?

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Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans share ideas on keeping employees in More Stay Interviews, Fewer Exit Interviews.

Verne Harnish sits down with Beverly Kaye at the FORTUNE Growth Summit and they discuss stay interviews.

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Are YOU the Jerk at Work?

excerpt from Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

We’ve all worked with or for people who exhibit “jerk-like” behaviors.  You know, they’re the ones that shout, humiliate, fail to listen, demand perfection, show disrespect, betray trust, simply don’t care (the list goes on). In Greek, we hear that there are at least 20 words that mean jerk.

No matter what the name for it, people in every culture and in every company occasionally, sometimes accidentally, exhibit jerk-like behaviors.  What about you?

Here is a subset of the 50 jerk-like behaviors we’ve identified. Which of these might you exhibit?

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Expressing Gratitude - Our Gift to You

Showing gratitude in the workplace communicates to employees appreciation, respect, and care. It expresses to them that they are valued. Let your employees know you are thankful for their contributions all year long. 

Click to read 26 practical ways to express gratitude.

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